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3D Stairs Wall Sticker No.92

3D Stairs Wall Sticker No.92

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Unique "Staircase With Personality" 3D wall and floor sticker for your home decoration. Give your space a sparkle with SitHappens 3D Wall Stickers.

Decorate your space, from the living room to the children's room with this 3D decorative sticker suitable for all surfaces as long as they are smooth.

Stick it on the floor, wall, window and any other flat and clean surface.

3D wall stickers can rightly be considered a form of art, since you can transform a space with their designs and take your guests on a journey with their originality.

In children's and young people's rooms, wall stickers are highly preferred, since they give unique vitality with their abundance of colors and designs.

It is the perfect addition to a children's or youth room and will surely breathe new life into the space that your children will love. We want our bedroom to be a room of relaxation and well-being.

For this reason, the 3D wall stickers are ideal because they can give a modern note and depending on the style, combine a romantic mood or a minimal aesthetic that impresses.

3D stickers in the living room can give a fresh look to the space with their colors and wonderful scenes. Illusion patterns of inscriptions will visually enlarge the space and create a magical atmosphere. Each of which will draw you in deeply and give you a sense of a fairy tale.

Instructions for use: Before using the sticker, make sure that the surface is dust-free and not wet.

  1. Clean the surface where you will stick the sticker, make sure the surface is smooth otherwise there is a chance that the sticker will come off.
  2. Slowly peel the sticker off the sheet.
  3. Stick the sticker where you want.
  4. Gently wipe the sticker in a circular motion to remove any air bubbles.

Brand Name : SitHappens 3D
Dimensions: 60x90cm
Type: Wall Stickers, Floor Stickers
Theme: 3D Staircase, Staircase With Personality
Product code: AP.92
Package: One piece
Material: PVC



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